Opt for automated dimensional control !

Adequaly developed Eleone, an automated and connected dimensional control solution that distinguishes itself by the simultaneous acquisition of multiple measurement points and extremely short cycle times.

An intelligent solution, patented and connected!

  • You need a 100% control of your parts’ conformity?
  • You want to increase your production line’s productivity?
  • You are seeking a reduction in the amount of defects and waste of raw materials?
  • You demand a traceability of the collected dimensional measurement data?
  • You wish to build the factory 4.0

With Eleone, Adequaly brings you an innovative solution to satisfy your needs.

Eleone allows you to :

  • Do a 100% control of your parts by automating data collection
  • Detect and report of non-compliant parts
  • Monitor for any defect
  • Validate the checking fixtures
  • Automatically create control reports
  • Enrich a factory line’s “big data” when it comes to dimensional control