Eleone INLINE : the automated dimensional control

Integrated in your production line, the Eleone INLINE solution lets you proceed to a real-time automated dimensional conformity control of your parts: a stepping stone to increasing your productivity!

Le controle de conformite automatise et integre sur les lignes de fabricationThe unitary control of your parts, finally accessible!

Eleone INLINE is the automated dimensional control solution made of:

  • Autonomous mechatronic sensors
  • An industrial tactile computer
  • A software for sensor management, measurement acquisition, and the creation and analysis of reports
  • A control cabinet
  • A RFID reader or vision system

Thanks to the automation of the simultaneous dimensional measurement of multiple points, the cycle times are shortened so much that it becomes possible to do conformity control on 100% of your parts without any labor over-cost.

Eleone INLINE makes the dimensional control MSP (SPC) easier

You apply statistical process control to get a stable production with the minimum dimensional non-conformities as possible?

Eleone INLINE is the ideal solution when it comes to a dynamic quality control of your parts. The automated measurements and the traceability of the collected dimensional data let you analyze the chronological distribution of parts inside the tolerance intervals.

The operator or quality specialist can then use the results to improve your manufacturing process.

Reduce the number of defects, increase your productivity!

With Eleone INLINE, The constant monitoring during the manufacturing process immediately detects any dimensional defect, the operator is warned through the software. The result: a diminution of the number of defects for your parts and a reduction in material and energetic waste. You increase the productivity of your manufacturing process!

Your customers  100% satisfied

Thanks to the 100% control, the integrality of the parts you deliver is conform to your customers’ needs.
Furthermore, the measurement acquisition and processing software paired to a RFID or barcode reader ensures the reliability of the collected dimensional data traceability.
If need be, you can answer clearly and without delay to any question relative to the dimensional conformity.