Eleone OFFLINE : evolve to the smart factory

Opting for the Eleone OFFLINE cobot solution, is equivalent to reducing dimensional control costs, increasing your productivity and offering a better quality to your customers. It is also paving the way towards the factory 4.0

Le controle qualite automatise et connecte de l usine 4.0 Quality control, the smart factory way

With Eleone OFFLINE, Adequaly makes you go from manual quality control to automated unitary control

The Eleone OFFLINE solution allows you to:

  • Collect and record automatically and simultaneously the geometrical measurement points of your parts
  • Analyze the data in real-time and check the dimensional conformity of the manufactured parts
  • Monitor for defects and warn the operator as soon as a tolerance threshold is exceeded
  • Ensure the reliability of the collected measurement data traceability 
  • Edit and archive control reports easily from the database
  • Guide the operator in the quality control process

Interfaced with the manufacturing line, it is truly the 4.0 quality control solution

A cobot tool

Eleone OFFLINE stands in for the operator in the executive task of taking measurements thanks to the automated and simultaneous collection of data using the mechatronic sensors.

The potential stress related to the unitary control cadence is reduced.

Eleone OFFLINE : The dimensional control cobot tool

The evolutive integration in your control block

The Eleone OFFLINE solution is made to be able to integrate itself perfectly in your control block. It integrates any dedicated existing or new control tool.

The production of a series is finished? You can reuse Eleone OFFLINE by adapting and tailoring it to the new requirements of the control equipment of the next series.

Save costs…

The possible reutilization of Eleone OFFLINE for new production series largely absorbs the investment costs: an economy of means!

The automation of the unitary control as well as the simultaneous collection of multiple measurement points strongly reduces the measurement cycles’ time: labor saving!

The 100% monitoring of the parts’ dimensional conformity reduces the defect rate and thus the materials cost: energy and raw materials savings!