Eleone R&R : to validate checking fixtures

Because it’s important to validate the repeatability, the reproducibility and the capacity of a checking fixture, Adequaly developed the Eleone R&R solution, based on mechatronic sensors paired with a specific measurement acquisition and processing software.

la malette Eleone R&R de test de conformite des outillages Reducing the checking fixtures validation time

The Eleone R&R solution is specially conceived to rapidly validate the conformity of a checking fixture whether it be in a manufacturing line or directly at the manufacturer’s workshop.
This innovation is based on the usage of autonomous mechatronic sensors, COFRAC certified and CE compliant.

A software specially developed for this usage controls the automatic and simultaneous acquisition and recording of the measurement points: you gain a lot of time comparatively to a manual control.

The R&R report created by the software then gives you the means to check the repeatability and reproducibility of the measurement and thus to immediately validate the checking fixture or easily identify the actions to implement.

A mobile solution for repeatability and reproducibility tests

The Eleone R&R solution is mobile. It takes the form of a suitcase containing the sensors and connection elements. The associated software is made to receive and analyze in real-time the measurements and guide the quality specialist to make rapid decisions.

The benefits for your methods and quality services

Eleone R&R is a flexible metrology solution portable from a checking fixture to another. It is the indispensable ingredient for your LEAN manufacturing effort.