Eleone UP : the automated dimensional control tool accessible to micro and medium-sized businesses

With the Eleone UP solution, you can build and configure your custom automated dimensional control tool using innovative Eleone “plug and play” modules easy to assemble and setup.

Micro and medium-sized businesses: automatize your dimensional control with Eleone UP

Expert in automation of control tools, Adequaly developed a specific solution for all micro and medium-sized industrial businesses making strong value-added parts.

With the Eleone UP suitcase, you build and configure your own automated control tool depending on your series.

Set up in your manufacturing workshop, the Eleone UP solution can be used in either of these phases:

  • Development of a new series of parts
  • Pre-series
  • Small industrial series

The Eleone UP suitcase is made up of the following modules:

  • 3 to 6 autonomous mechatronic sensors
  • Standard mechanical assemblies to build your standardized control tool
  • A sensor management and measurement acquisition software

Shorten your measurement cycles time

With Eleone UP, you can go from manual dimensional control to automated simultaneous control with dozens of measurement points.
Cycle times are considerably shortened and your labor costs on control operations as well.

Increase the frequency of your controls…

With the automation of the dimensional control by Eleone UP, you have at your disposal a unique solution to go from the sampling control to the unitary control of your parts without any labor over-cost.

… and avoid non-quality

Thanks to the automated unitary control, any defect is detected :

  • You deliver parts 100% conform to your customers’ needs, reduce your scrap rates as well as material and energetic wastes.

A modular thus economical solution

Dismountable and reconfigurable, Eleone UP is reusable by adapting itself to every new series you build, saving a substantial sum in tools.