Understanding the customer’s needs by the realization of a preliminary study

Adequaly’s team is available to conduct a preliminary study and identify which one of the Eleone solutions suits you best.

Objective: To bring you an automated quality control solution SET UP and ADAPTED to your needs.

The preliminary study is of paramount importance and allows us to perfectly understand your needs. It is based on an interactive questionnaire filled out by a technical dialogue between our experts and your teams.

The objective is to identify the Eleone solution that best suits your needs among the four types and to adapt it and set it up for your particular needs.

Adequaly will then deliver to you a turnkey solution.

Calculating the return on investment

Don’t hesitate anymore: contact us to carry the profitability study out using all the influential factors (type of parts, type of series, number of measurement points, labor costs…)

With Eleone, you have a way to reduce the operating costs of the quality control or the non-compliances.