The Eleone sensor: The innovation in service of measurement

The Eleone sensor is an autonomous mechatronic measurement sensor made in France, COFRAC and CE certified able to automatically execute a dimensional measurement or presence control. It is an essential component of the Eleone UP, INLINE, OFFLINE and R&R solutions.

Sensor with a 10 μm accuracy

The Eleone sensor has a measuring displacement of 20 mm.
The shaft is actuated by an integrated electric motor.
Its measurement origin point is programmable.

Having a 1 μm resolution, it measures metrical defects with a 10 μm accuracy.

The aluminum base makes it sturdy and durable.

A LED system indicates the state of the sensor: inactive, measuring, default.

Accessories are available for a great flexibility and versatility of use.

Measurement keys

When it comes to the measurement key, you can choose between flat, spherical, cropped or knife-type.
In the case of a measurement test by pulling, specific keys also exist.


The alimentation and data transfer are done by USB cable.

Base and barrel fastening nuts

Geometry and dimensions of the Eleone sensor

Compact, the sensor can fit in the following volume:
Length: 97,5  mm, Width: 29 mm,  Height: 52  mm

Other characteristics of the sensor

Modèles : PEA20
Capacité : 20 Millimètres
Résolution : 0,001 Millimètres
Précision à 20°C : 0,01 Millimètres
Consommation électrique  au repos : 100 mW
Consommation lors de la prise de mesure :  300 mW
Force lors de la mesure : 0,7 N
Force Maximale : 2 N
Indice de protection standard*: IP 42
Masse : 0,15 Kg