The Eleone software in the service of measurement

The actual brain behind the various types of Eleone solutions, the software is conceived for the quality controllers and production process operators. It contains very practical functions such as the detection of non-conform parts or the conduction of R&R tests.

logiciel_eleone Calculator and measurement acquisition device

Thanks to the software, the user can order and collect informations from various components making up an Eleone solution:

  • The autonomous mechatronic sensors
  • The electronic I/O boards
  • The flanging sensors of the part to be measured and the gauges.
  • The connected manual gauges

Entirely customizable, the software can pilot any kind of control equipment.

Software features

All the features have an user-oriented ergonomy. Among these features are:

  • The piloting of the measurement sensors and auxiliary components such as the RFID or barcode reader, presence detector, etc.
  • The acquisition and recording of dimensional measurement multipoint data in Excel® operable spreadsheet. 
  • The creation of control reports in PDF format
  • The conduction of repeatability and reproductibility tests (declaration of the operators, number of parts, number of measurement series and their profiling)

During software parameterization for a new series, the quality controller sets up the tolerance thresholds for the various measurements and warning levels (limit, warning and alarm). 

Finally, thanks to the software, the operator is guided to adapt the production process according to the control results. 

How does the software work?  

A configuration file records the integrality of the checking fixture components: 
– Automatic sensors 
– Measurement points on the checking fixture. 
– Measurements to be taken on the part by doing a calculation using the values read at the different measurement point: 

  • Simple displacement 
  • XY measurement
  • Coplanarity… 

– Tolerances for the various measurements (Limit, warning and alarm). 
– Auxiliary inputs and outpurs allow the piloting of locks or any other all-or-nothing input or output. 
– Background image for the user (checking fixture image) 
– display settings for the various measurement points (size, font, number of digits after the decimal point). 
– Results file directory.

A recipe file lets you program a cycle by selecting a list of instructions to realize various types of operations.


This software is compatible with Windows environment from Windows 7 onwards.